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    About Corrupted Vault

    If I just have buy the Corrupted Vault inside the Vault instead of the clicking on the bundle on the Corrupted Arena where you see 3 icons would I receive 2500 Shards? Because it doesn't say that it...
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    These Issues With This Game Go Too Far!

    These days(like 4 years ago!) I'm seeing a lot of people who disconnecting regardless rage quitters. There are not many of them anymore. But the disconnecting, ping and the launcher issues... If...
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    LFG LFG Decent Players To Do Hydra

    I started first day to play on Adventure of the patch. And couldn't even pass the boar on the Easy mode. Then I farmed the items and got the full build but I was still suck and then I learnt the...
  4. Not On Design But Hi-RezSucks So Hard On Customer Service

    Well I know when the hell the Iron Tyrant Skin(Xing Tian) has been released. And just because it was Limited Skin I thought it would be the last Reward of the Season 4 Event. And it wasn't even...
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    I find it's cool too. It looks like he's relax...

    I find it's cool too. It looks like he's relax and he has self-confidence.
  6. That is not GTX 1070 but GTX 1070m. So it's...

    That is not GTX 1070 but GTX 1070m. So it's mobile GPU, not desktop one which means weaker than the desktop of the equivalent, fyi. But also it is about Smite imo. Because if you're getting 150 FPS...
  7. Where The Hell Are Those Treasure Chests?

    I have Level 19 unlocked and I must have 2 Enigma Chests and 2 Undying Chests but I don't have any notifications. Also my last quest gone. I was about to get 5 Clash Wins but just because I got...
  8. Sorry. When I created it on the Help Forum no one...

    Sorry. When I created it on the Help Forum no one answered. So I thought it would be okay to create it on the Off-Topic. I don't know. Well, what does it? It's show how are you good to others?...
  9. No answer?

    No answer?
  10. What Ranked Has To Do With Different Seasons?

    Well on the Ranked tab it says 0/10 for Conquest Joust and Duel and Spring Split 2 days Remaining. What does that mean? What I wondering if I can't make all 10/10 what will happen? Will I miss...
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    Wait, Season Ticket doesn't counted as a voting...

    Wait, Season Ticket doesn't counted as a voting right? It wasn't so on Season 3. You could be able to voting if you have the Season Ticket. -.- And I'm upset because I have missed the voting on...
  12. Guys this is not Magical Power comparison topic....

    Guys this is not Magical Power comparison topic. I just asked a question. :D

    What? It can exceed the 900 Magical Power Limit then? If so I'm gonna test it without Rod of Tahuti too then.
  13. Ah, I haven't realized that. Thank you. But...

    Ah, I haven't realized that. Thank you. But fortunately there weren't items on previous seasons! \m/
  14. Was There Ranked System Too On Previous Seasons?

    I meant there were quests too on other seasons which relevant with ranked like getting rewards etc? I just clicked on Ranked button but if I remember correctly there wasn't Ranked button on previous...
  15. Doesn't That The Magical Power Capped At 900?

    Well, I was checking most damage build on Zeus and did that as well, but before reached the cap, I got every possible damage buffs(Fire Giant's Might, Jungle Buff- Damage, Elixir of Power, even...
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    Did I Miss The Voting?

    I just have bought Season Ticket just because to be able to voting for getting huge benefits from correct bet on the matches. But I just can't bet. Eh, I didn't just spent 400 gems. I have spent 8000...
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    What The Hell Is That Crafting System?

    Well, I have spent gems for skins on the Celestial Voyage. I put random Hieroglyph and it has failed. So I think I lost 1 Crafting Point. Where the hell I would find which Hieroglphs should I put...
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    Server Being Off Since Yesterday

    So we should get the compensation. Because I couldn't get the Daily Login Reward. And I'm mad now!
  19. If Bakasura's Butcher Blades Does True Damage Why He Does Less Damage Against Tanks?

    Well, since I'm started to play as Bakasura I've noticed that that he does less damage to Warriors&Guardians with his Butcher Blades ability. As far as I know true damage means ignore all defenses,...
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    Why? Why things on the top of her bothers you?...

    Why? Why things on the top of her bothers you? Ooh, is she blind? Really? I didn't know that. :eek:
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    Are you kidding me? Are you really don't...

    Are you kidding me? Are you really don't understand why people are upset about it being exclusive? Really? Just really? I didn't remember how many chests that Ragnarok skin in but someone reminds me....
  22. Why The Hell Some People Names Are Hidden After Game Ends?

    Sometime I want to pm some people after the game and I can't see their name. Why the hell?
  23. Is Demonic Pact Tier 5 Anubis Skin Inspired By Daemon Prince From Dark Crusade?

    Well, since Eliphas the Inheritor transforms into Daemon Prince and when Chaos Stronghold defeated Daemon Prince torture him. There is 2 same details, characters tortured by the demon that can...
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    Missing An Odyssey 2017 Bonus Chest

    I think it would be a serious issue, thus I decided to create that thread here. If it's wrong place to create this thread, please kindly move it.

    Well, as far as I remember I got 19th chest on the...
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    Nevan (Nox Skin)

    Since I saw the similarities between Nevan from Devil May Cry 3 and Grim Shadow I couldn't resist to don't post it. But of course I have searched about this if...
  26. What Was The Reward Of The Fafnir's Wonderland Easy Round 15?

    I got this task despite I already got 8000 points early. But there wasn't reward showed up and I just forgot to complete it and just because I was busying to complete First Win task of the Gem Event....
  27. No that is not false. I'm talking about you see...

    No that is not false. I'm talking about you see event's icon when added there not the "!" mark being highlighted or there is being a count like 1 or 2. I'm talking about when gem event comes up there...
  28. What's The Point To Put Events Without Notify People?

    Yes, I've read the gem event will come up on the 8th December but I forgot. So when you complete any task on the "!" mark then when new one show up you can see it's icon added into that "!" mark but...
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    Poll: They just did it on 2016, almost 2017, hehe. I...

    They just did it on 2016, almost 2017, hehe. I didn't know it was your idea, though. I just searched that "Space Marine Smite" on the Google since my friends playing both games. :P
  30. Can Hi-Rez Bring A Law Suit Against Thief Chinese Gaming Corporation?

    The ShineZone used Smite Classic Zeus as artwork on their game called The King of Towers. And I'm pretty sure they don't even bother with ask for permission! That Chinese corporation abuse their...
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