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  1. PS4 Boosters not appearing on god selection screen and no Game History Details Showing

    Two items I have noticed with the new update:

    1. When you apply a booster during god selection, there is no confirmation of the booster being added other than it no longer being an option as a...
  2. Awesome... go Ganesha! Thanks for the reply :D

    Awesome... go Ganesha! Thanks for the reply :D
  3. Replies

    great job! Love it!

    great job! Love it!
  4. Ps4 arena - Ganesha 33 assists in a 32 kill game

    Playing as Ganesha in arena Ps4, I noticed I got 33 assists when my team only got 32 kills. I do have a screen cap, but not sure how to attach. Match iD: 137768219...
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