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  1. Feedback on Windowed mode in Smite Tactics

    I just started playing today and I usually play in windowed (not borderless window) and noticed that when I went into a game, the bottom was hidden under my taskbar, on another note, the game I...
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    I dont think it would be possible just due to how...

    I dont think it would be possible just due to how in smite most passives are very god specific (especially some mages) for example Ah puch's passive is picking up corpses so it would be completely...
  3. Ah Puch (minor) typo on his third ability

    in the scaling for his 3rd ability the bonus damage after heal has a comma at the end

    It says:
    Additional Damage: 50/100/150/200/250,(+50% of your magical power)
    while most abilities show:...
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    Update for old skins please

    I was browsing through the skins and noticed that Ms Diagnosis Neith has a model (especially the hair and face) that stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the visuals on the other skins. I was...
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