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  1. Ref: 151222-000428 | Randomly banned, no email/warning/explanation

    To whom it may concern,

    I discovered my account was banned yesterday and I have NO idea why, I have posted in the ticket 2 reasons as to why I think but I have no official information.

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    Clan LF Active EU (English Speaking) Clan

    Hey All,

    I'm a very active player playing mainly leagues only. I'm the top active player in my current clan who literally never play together, I've gathered up 11k honor with them but I would like...
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    What's your name: Mac How old are you: 27 When...

    What's your name: Mac
    How old are you: 27
    When did you join smite: October 2014
    Can you speak any languages besides english?: Bad English, Gibberish!
    Do you have a microphone? If yes, do you...
  4. Thread: LF EU Clan :)

    by Fluxxeh

    LF EU Clan :)

    Hey potentional future clan!

    I'm looking for an active clan, especially those who play 3vs3. I'm very dedicated, and have a liking to Rama but can play a variety of gods well.

    You can check my...
  5. Regardless of the moaning about assault leagues...

    Regardless of the moaning about assault leagues and what not....


    I'd like to see 3v3 Joust league, I only play 3v3, I enjoy it a lot.
  6. How to never be match made with certain people ever?

    Is there a way to block someone from being in the same group as you?

    Reason I ask, is this particular feeder.

    I've been working my butt off playing hard, improving my ratio etc, and I get...
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