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  1. I request to the smite gods to add Albanian flag as a profile picture.

    I am going to start my post by telling you how I was surprised when i started playing smite when i could not find my countries flag to buy and select. It was not a regional thing, it was selective...
  2. Where request do you to add Albanian flag as an avatar.(trying my luck here as well)

    I am going to warn that i did firstly write it on the graphic forum thing first but i saw that it was designed mostly for the personalised avatar part such as the: "Do you want some buk" meme of...
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    Smite free gems does not work

    Peanut lab offers never shows anything, radium one shows a blank space, isn't it better to add another provider or cancel this if it does not work.
  4. I would request you to add Albanian flag as an avatar.

    Graphic request: Avatar
    Text: Albanian Flag
    Preferred colors: Black and Red
    Preferred art style: I want it as similar as it can be to the official flag.
    Preferred size: Usual smite avatar size...
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    Problem with smite on steam

    When I click the desktop icon or through steam nothing opens.I checked it through library and it says running then after 5 seconds it says ready to play and this can repeat to infinity + 1 .Can...
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