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  1. Idea for Baba Yaga's first ability: reward the "second shot" and enhance random field

    The basic idea is to reward players who hit enemies with the random path of this ability. Characteristics for my idea on Baba Yaga's Wild Witchcraft (first ability):

    The first part of this...
  2. "Auto skills" option unchecks itself

    Hello there,

    I've just found out I cannot insert images from my own computer (I just made screenshots to show the bug), so I'll try to guide you step-by-step on how to replicate it (pretty...
  3. For some reason, I'm retrying the windowed mode...

    For some reason, I'm retrying the windowed mode and I have not had any issues for a couple of days.
  4. Stuck on Victory/Defeat screen for no less than 5 minutes

    This used to happen very rarely, but since Goddess of Volcanoes | 5.14 Update I’ve been stuck in the Victory/Defeat screen for at least 5 minutes after almost every game. And then it also takes its...
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    Hello there, Another bug I found. Yesterday I...

    Hello there,
    Another bug I found. Yesterday I played the Adventure as Khperi because I wanted to know what the Guardian Buff is in the Adventure. It states that it has an aura that damages enemines...
  6. Ok, yeah, thanks, I was thinking about the...

    Ok, yeah, thanks, I was thinking about the Fantasy Points of Season 4, my bad.
    But the question kinda remais: if (in Season 5) I tip FP, will I lose them? Or is the tipping option just going to...
  7. Question about the "New Fantasy Point Store"

    Hello there! :)

    So I was reading the patch notes for Season 5 and I got to this point:

    I would like to know if this counts the current amount of FP I have or if it'll add the amount of FP...
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    Increasing the range of god's auras

    Hello there!
    So this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Auras in Smite have different radiuses. Pestilence and Mystical Mail, which affect enemies, have radiuses of 55 and 25...
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    Prohibit rerolling healers in Assault

    Hello everyone
    Quick and to the point. When someone rerolls the healer in Assault, that team rarely wins. I think the game should forbid healers to reroll. Or maybe launch a pop-up window to the...
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    Two issues with Khepri's ultimate

    Hello there. A couple of situations where Khepri's ultimate enters in cooldown but doesn't actually save the victim:

    When the target is victim of Au Kuang's ultimate
    When the targer is victim...
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    Issue with Khepri's ultimate

    Hello there.
    A few minutes ago a friend of mine and I discovered that, when Chiron is using his ultimate (Centaurus), Khepri's Scarab's Blessing doesn't work on him. The icon appears on Chiron and...
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