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    Sticky: Weekly Console Bug Reporting Thread - 3/12

    Hey friends!

    In our attempt to make the console SMITE experience a better one, we will be creating weekly threads for players to submit any console issues or bugs that they might be having.
  2. Sticky: Known Issues for Update 5.4 - SMITE Birthday


    Known Issues

    Birthday Bundle is using Temp Art.
    Birthday event has incorrect preview images for the unavailable bundles.
    Birthday Loading Frame gives you the default frame...
  3. 5.3 - Hero of the Trojan War - Hotfix Notes


    Known Issues

    Fixed an issue where players could maneuver Buff Camp NPCs to become stuck outside of their zones.
    Fixed an issue where Fire Giant and Gold Fury info wouldn’t...
  4. Update 5.3 - New God, Achilles, Hero of the Trojan War

    NEW GOD - Achilles, Hero of the Trojan War

    Passive – Gift of the Gods
    Achilles adapts to the tide of Battle. Achilles can choose to wear armor, granting him...
  5. Known Issues for Update 5.3 - Hero of the Trojan War


    Known Issues

    If a tower has been taken while spectating it will not show up if you rewind past the tower going down.
    Fire Giant and Gold Fury info doesn't show up in...
  6. PTS Issues Thread # 2 for 5.3 - Hero of the Trojan War!

    If you would like to participate in the PTS, please click here to find out how.

    Please post any issues found here, thanks!


    Known Issues
  7. PTS Issues Thread for 5.3 - Hero of the Trojan War!

    If you would like to participate in the PTS, please click here to find out how.

    Please post any issues found here, thanks!


    Known Issues
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    5.2 Hotfix Notes #1

    Developer Notes

    We will be retroactively granting players Fox Chest based off the number of adventures games played.
    We will also be setting up the fox roll counter in the adventure to properly...
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    5.2 Release Known Issues

    Known Issues

    Players are receiving less Fox Points than they're supposed to. We will have a hotfix tomorrow giving players their rewards based on their time played in the Adventure.
    One of Da...
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    Hotfix Notes #1 (PTS 5.2)

    Known Issues

    Clicking spectate player twice breaks the UI and puts the client in a broken state.
    There are missing portraits in conquest.
    Certain textures have bad shadows in Conquest.
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    Weekly Wisdom - Week of February 5th

    Patch 5.1 (Console)
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    5.1 Hotfix Notes (February 1st)

    Balance Changes


    Changed the protection of all Phoenix structures from 125 to 150.

    Miscellaneous Changes

    Increased FP gains to 5/10 for a loss/win and 10/20 for a loss/win if...
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    5.1 Release Known Issues

    Known Issues

    Thoth is temporarily disabled. He'll be available once we hotfix.
    Badge progress is being tracked, but rewards will require a hotfix

    The ward given at 1667 badge points will...
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    Hotfix Notes #5 (PTS 5.1)

    Balance Changes

    Guardian's Blessing

    Added 5 MP5 to both Guardian's Blessing and Evolved Guardian's Blessing
    Increased GP5 from 3 to 4 in the evolved form.
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    Hotfix Notes #4 (PTS 5.1)

    General Changes

    Added Joust to the PTS

    Balance Changes

    Ethereal Staff

    Changed the item's passive to deal magic damage instead of true damage.
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    FREE Awesome Chest w/ Twitch Prime

    Hey friends!

    We're currently running a promotion with Twitch where you can earn a free Awesome Chest! Every Awesome Chest is guaranteed to include an Exclusive Skin.

    To claim your Awesome...
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    Hotfix Notes #3 (PTS 5.1)

    Item Balance

    Evolved Gauntlet of Thebes

    Changed the aura this item provides from 20 Magical Protections to 10 Magical and 10 Physical Protections.

    Bug Fixes

    FIXED - S5 Gold Fury intro...
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    Hotfix Notes #2 (PTS 5.1)

    Map Changes

    Increased Gold Fury Health per Minute from 225 to 275
    Increased Pyromancer Health per Minute from 200 to 250
    Increased Fire Giant Health per Minute from 175 to 225
    Added 5 XP...
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    Hotfix Notes for PTS (5.1)

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed an issue with the game crashing during Training missions 2-4.
    Fixed an issue with the player's stats were the numbers were cycling through different numbers.
  20. Developer Update: 5.1 Showcase Delayed until Tomorrow

    Hey Friends,

    Quick update regarding the 5.1 Showcase (formerly called Patch Notes Show).

    We are postponing the 5.1 Showcase on Twitch until tomorrow at 1 PM EST. Public Test Server will be...
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    Weekly Wisdom - Week of January 15

    Patch 4.25 (PC) (Console - 1/16)
  22. New in SMITE: 4.25 Warden of the Underworld

    NEW GOD - Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld

    Passive – Spirit of Death
    Any time an Enemy God within 40 of Cerberus is healed,...
  23. Developer Update: Technical Improvements

    (With Blake Edwards & Chris Larson)

    Hey guys, MLC St3alth here!

    Gif of the Fog!

    Today we’ll be going over the new addition of fog to the Season 5 Conquest map as well as a few other...
  24. Developer Update: Jungle Camps & Bosses

    Howdy friends, MLC St3alth here!

    Blue buff

    I was able to pull our Lead Game Designer, Ajax, away from his work this holiday season so he could share some more Season 5 Conquest details. Today,...
  25. Developer Update: New Art & Gameplay Clarity

    Picture of Jungle

    Hey friends, MLC St3alth here with another update!

    Today I’ll be grabbing two of our art leads and letting you take a closer look into the Season 5 Conquest map art direction....
  26. Developer Update: Map Symmetry & Addressing Snowball

    With Ajax and PonPon

    Our goals for Season 5 Conquest map are to improve gameplay and pacing through map symmetry and mitigating snowballing.

    The Season 5 map will feature perfect vertical...
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    Weekly Wisdom - Week of December 11

    Patch 4.23 (All Platforms) (12/11)
  28. Sticky: With the recent change to Nu Wa's minions (you...

    With the recent change to Nu Wa's minions (you can now select a target for your minions to chase) she is performing where we want her to be performing. This change alone has increased helped out Nu...
  29. Game Mode Level Requirements Change Coming in Patch 4.23

    This patch we are making some adjustments to the game mode level requirements to improve the experience for both new and veteran players alike. Starting in 4.23, new players will be able to queue for...
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    Weekly Wisdom - Week of December 4

    Patch 4.23 PC Release (12/5)
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