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    Game is working but it's a black screen

    Problem 1: it's been a while but the game for some reason takes ages to start. I have a really high end pc and it's pretty annoying, especially when i crash and have to reopen it while in a game....
  2. Heimdall, The Asgard Guardian (god concept)

    I can't say how much i love norse mythology. I'm always making new concepts in my mind like Jormungand and in this case, Heimdall.

    Heimdall is the guardian of Asgard, the land of the gods. He...
  3. Would be just an excuse to do, as i said, more...

    Would be just an excuse to do, as i said, more gentlemen, jurassic, pirates... Anything that has to do with the past with maybe one detail that all have in common to justify the fact that they are in...
  4. Cool idea about new Tier 5 skin for Odyssey

    First of all. I do not have an artwork since i'm completely awful at drawing and i'm not willing to pay someone to do it. I'm broke ok?

    It's a Chronos skin. If you don't like the god i get it,...
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    Huge audio problem!

    Today i started having issues out of nowhere, i jumped in a joust ranked game and when the match started i realized i couldn't hear autos and abilities sounds. Not mine, not allied nor enemies. I can...
  6. Sol and freya are abnoxiously strong, even more on s4

    Wanna do something about it? Ok you made it clear that safer gods are also the strongest, but i don't get WHY! Can't skills be rewarded for once in this game? I don't mind losing to a Kalhi or a Baka...
  7. You're right, they did more, they added a stun to...

    You're right, they did more, they added a stun to his 2.
    I mean if you want to argue with every single top pro player that agrees that Toth is abnoxiously strong... Fine.
  8. What is happening on the balance of this game?

    How in the world can something like Nike's passive come out by someone that's working on the game for this long and claim to work on balancing the game?
    That's the opposite of the definition of...
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    New crit item idea

    This item is meant specifically for Mercury and gods that build crits (serqet, nezha, loki etc) and CANNOT be bought by hunters. It's a melee only item.

    Cost: 1800-2000g

    10% crtit...
  10. I've come up with a few suggestions on balance.

    Ajax i love you, you're a nice guy and you seem to love your job as well. But please. Some decisions HAVE to be made after really thinking what they mean to the game. Like Nike's passive. That's not...
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    LMAO i have 1200 hours on smite and i never...

    LMAO i have 1200 hours on smite and i never noticed. I'm dumb.
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    Voicepack option for different skins.

    Can we get an option on the personalization tab where we can decide to use dafault god voicepack even when we use a skin that uses a different one?

    Best example i can give is Sobek Kaiju. I love...
  13. Are you special? Why would i not use the most OP...

    Are you special? Why would i not use the most OP relic ever? I'm speachless...
    Just because i want it removed for everyone doesn't mean i won't abuse of something so strong when it's there.
  14. NEEDED big change to relics for season 4

    Remove secondary effect on wrath (the stun).
    Remove aegis (or double it's cooldown)
    Raise beads cooldown to 210
    Remove thorns or raise the cooldown to 180
    Raise shell cooldown to 160
    DO NOT...
  15. Is SMITE ever going to get a engine upgrade?

    A game that's highly played on 2017 and is still running on Directx9... That's just lame.
    I fear HiRez doesn't want to step up on Unreal Engine 4 because they would have to rework every single skin...
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    How do i hide mastery skin stats?

    I hate the fact that i can't kide kills/assists/wins stats on my card during loading screens just because i have a mastery skin that i haven't even equipped.

    I saw someone that had the mastery...
  17. Or at least remove the damage on the heal and the...

    Or at least remove the damage on the heal and the leap, the 2 dmg is insanely high.
  18. Ever wondered why the game sometimes gets stuck in victory defeat screen? Well i know

    That SUPER annoying thing happens when a player that had bad behavior, fed, offended, instapicked on a ranked game, rerolled useful characters on assault etc... ALT F4 right when the match ends. So...
  19. Could tell the same about Ah Puch. Yeah he does...

    Could tell the same about Ah Puch. Yeah he does tremendous amount of damage but he has no escape. It's all a support/adc job to take him down. I have defeated (damn good) ah puch. But Neith is my...
  20. But you can't argue with someone that said "Neith...

    But you can't argue with someone that said "Neith is balanced". :( r
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    Zhong Kui unemployed skin concept

    As for his skin, i was thinking at a Zhong dressed up on a kinda messy suit, all sweaty and leaving papers behind.
    Instead of the usual flying paper oh his 3 passive there's a curriculum.

  22. Yeah i got the sarcasm, thanks

    Yeah i got the sarcasm, thanks
  23. Any other hunter is balanced. Neith is just...

    Any other hunter is balanced. Neith is just retarded. Don't even. She's the only god that has 4 different effects in a single ability and every ability is a 100% hit if you have a working hand and at...
  24. A little change to the game that might balance alot of comps.

    We all know how healing comps on conquest can be really strong, we have seen them on SPL as well.
    So i was thinking... How about any healing abilities (except for potions, lifesteal, FG buff. HP5 or...
  25. Please CHANGE neith. Joust Ranked is RUINED by Neith.

    The powerspike that Neith gets with transcendence on Joust Ranked is simply ridiculouse. Combo 3+1 is a kill, no matters what.
    She does TOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for TOOO LITTLE effort. Casually stunning 3...
  26. Could you make the "change name" free if i only change character size? Like on Twitch

    I'd like to be able to change some caps or vice versa on my name without having to pay 400 gems for it. Same way as twitch where you cannot change your name, but only the capitalization of the name....
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    A new god that counters shields?

    I'd like an assassin that has a passive or an ability that completely negates shields,
    Gods with shields are the most annoying to deal with (Nike, Odin, Erlang, Nemesis...). I'd like a god that as a...
  28. Of course it's an item for assassins and non auto...

    Of course it's an item for assassins and non auto based solo laners. Tell me a single jungler that builds frostbund. Slow it's a great setup especially if it's 25%.
    Also it's a dmg items so it will...
  29. Idea for a new item for physical that might bring back alot of out of meta assassins

    Remember olf Brawler's beat stick? Quite op on some character i agree.
    So i thought about bringing an item that physical gods can build and slows enemies with abilities. BUT it only procs once every...
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    What i would like on Season 4 meta.

    This meta is ok, people will ALWAYS complain, but that's also ok, because every player has his own preferences, meta can't be perfect for everyone.

    The one thing i don't like is this magical...
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