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    Hera Divine Shroud

    I'm pretty sure that when you take a big amount of damage at the same time as you use the 3, Divine shroud, the cooldown is set to 0 and the shield was used. I have not noticed this when Argus was...
  2. Idle gods App store game using images from smite to advertise their game on Facebook.

    The game Idle gods is using images of poseidon, thor, zeus and Odin to advertise on their Facebook page advertising their game.Link Here...
  3. i have the same problem its annoying as i bought...

    i have the same problem its annoying as i bought daisy despair a while back and Scylla is my main mage
  4. Scylla Daisy despair ingame voice will play origanal scylla voice.

    when I play scylla with the daisy despair skin it will not play her daisy despair voice but instead her normal voice.I don't mean in her voice pack but in battle voice.also her special emote does not...
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