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  1. Two people abuse reporting you if you don't do things correctly!

    Hey, I'm coming out here with a very big warning of these two people, I got recently suspended for 2 days cause of these two, I had a 3/1 Bastet (playing clash) and these two kept nagging on the mage...
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    Support needs to be improved.

    So you guys can suspend my acocunt for 2 days due to abuse of the report function, but you guys can't even response to the support tickets that I've sent in about a bug in the UI i've had for 3...
  3. I have the SAME exact issue, but its looking like...

    I have the SAME exact issue, but its looking like this for me
  4. This new UI is shit, and still haven't gotten help.

    This support ticket system is shit since I'm not getting ANY responses, the two responses ive been getting ignored after the first response.

    Like this has to stop, this shenanigans has been going...
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    Buff Raijin - the most useless god in Smite

    1st ability - useless, does no dmg
    2nd ability - useless unless you hit it, but still doesnt do enough dmg
    3rd - good, but too slow
    4th - 1st drum: good enough dmg, the rest if useless

    time to...
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    Where is Athena even remotely useful?

    I'm sorry but this is not gonna change my mind, but Athena might be one of the most USELESS supports/tanks ever, not even her rebuff kit did wonders.
    So where is she useful? she's undeniably the...
  7. Still can't see god cards, old patch notes, can't see worshippers, do the devs care?

    Simply answer.


    But yeah, this is getting ridicoulus, when are y'all gonna fix PC smite version?
  8. Smite support and DEV team completely useless.

    Sorry for the hard oof's, but this is facts, hard plain cold TRUTH right here.

    I've sent in a 3 tickets in regarding my worshippers being completely blank, and my history tab being completely...
  9. Still can't see worshippers or new patch notes.

    Soooo when is Smite going to fix this? Have already issued out an email to them without them caring or giving a TOSS about this.
    Honestly, the smite support stinks, get better.
  10. wow gotta love this response, support is 10/10

    wow gotta love this response, support is 10/10
  11. Hirez, I'm getting really bored of seeing the same old patch in lobby.

    So this is what i have to see over and over and over again when I log into Smite, this patch is AAAAAGES old, and y'all still haven't added a fix for this, me and a few other have the same problem,...
  12. and Ra, lol.

    and Ra, lol.
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    Rework Thoth's kit.

    I know there's gonna be a few people in here gonna go like "oh he doesnt need a change at all"
    but he does.
    he struggles in arena, he barely can hit anyone with any of his attacks, and he's really...
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    it should be dead.

    it should be dead.
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    So I can't get a win at ALL on Smite now.

    I've been doing good in the past 3 weeks winning and losing but now I've just been given defeated matches over and over again, and matchmaking is in the play here, together with the winning/loss...
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    New gem prices, and I'm not happy.

    1200 for a regular Cupid and Kumbhakarna skin? I'm sorry Hirez, but this is not cute at all, and also for the upcoming skins where most of them is gonna cost 1200 to 1700, that's fucking insane?!
  17. Thread: Hackers

    by Schimeon

    PC I care, cause i've experienced hackers aswell in...

    I care, cause i've experienced hackers aswell in the game, people using dmg and shield scripts to keep themselves alive and OP as possible (even though i got more kills and way more pen and higher...
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    I've noticed that Agni and King Arthur players...

    I've noticed that Agni and King Arthur players are only there for one thing; tryharding and winning it.
    Trust me I just have to keep on playing for getting enough good teammates to rely on.
  19. That's just what I was saying, it doesn't do...

    That's just what I was saying, it doesn't do anything, it slaps people away that come too close, and when actually using it, it just tickle dmg's the enemy god, it's not even a good clear lane...
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    What I've learned is effective for SOl is that I...

    What I've learned is effective for SOl is that I use her ultimate as a circle, so I plant it all around the enemy when I can and want a kill, other than that, I also only use it for stealing kills...
  21. Let's talk Isis + remodel, + new skins + new everything.

    Okay so I'm a huge fan of Isis since I played, and I love her kit and I love her mythological lore, however, her appearance, and her skins, and her overall voice pack lacks stuff.

  22. Nike's Barrier Formation is the most useless protection ever.

    Change my mind.

    Nah but honestly, someone who's a Nike main never actually had any problems with her last second ability (even though you relied on it a lot) but now they made it even worse where...
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    Aphrodites voice pack is super low!

    her basic general skin voicepack is super low, my teammates barely hear her when she's doing the taunts and laughs, can hirez please raise it up a bit more so everyone can hear it atleast?
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    Win and loss percentage.

    I'm pretty convinced that Smite is using some weird system where it forces me to lose cause I've had a winning streak over these past 4 weeks, now I just keep getting really bad matchmaking and...
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    Word of advice.

    Stop playing mages in jungles, you are AUTOMATICALLY throwing the whole game off when you do, and I don't care if people say "oh but it works best this way."
    No it doesn't.
    I just had a poseidon...
  26. Good job Hirez, your first african god is a broken one. (as usual)

    His basic attack damage does WAY too much dmg.
    His other two abilites are good but the rolling ball one has way too long range.
    His ultimate should have NOT have been a rectangle, it should have...
  27. Thread: cheating?

    by Schimeon

    see i've brought this up to people and people...

    see i've brought this up to people and people call me crazy lmao, finally someone agrees with me.
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    People abuse reporting me for no REASON.

    So I was in conquest game and got killed by a amaterasu everytime when i went out on the field, and then my teammates decides to be super toxic and harassing me, saying i'm bad, im useless, i can't...
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    Hirez owns me a skin booster.

    So i was using a skin booster that didn't even work when i clicked the skin.
    So now Hirez, post haste, give me a skin booster, xo.
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    First of all, you dont know what throwing shade...

    First of all, you dont know what throwing shade means, trust me, I do that for a living.
    Second of all, If someone is going to criticize me, you better have proof, receipts, and some good EVIDENCE...
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