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  1. Every game mode but conquest ALWAYS kicks me to main menu before the game

    IF I am lucky, and that is a huge if, I will make it into the game after restarting my game. But if I trying playing arena or a custom game I will get into the loading cards and never get past that....
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    Profile screen bug

    Whenever I look at my own profile, a friends, really anyones honestly a pop up spams my screen so many times and wont let me hit back or anything until I hit "ok" and most of the time, the message...
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    T5 Ullr stance switching bear skin

    Some of you may remember, a few patches ago (I honestly can't remember which one it was to place the vod) the panel were in a Q and A session and they were asked what part of a god did you want to...
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    Smite minimizes randomly during game

    I don't know what exactly is happening, but I know that my game minimizes, and the second I hit the desktop, I see that my smite game icon is yellow, so it was that that had the issue and minimized,...
  5. [QUOTE=HiRezKabir;361905]KNOWN ISSUES ...

    [QUOTE=HiRezKabir;361905]KNOWN ISSUES

    Awilix Feather Step not dealing correct damage multipliers.

    so when can we expect a hot fix for this? im 50 worshipers away from diamond and...
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