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    Movement Speed soft cap?

    I'm guessing most stats in this game have a soft cap as well as a the listed hard there one with movement speed?
  2. Access Denied when setting affinity in win10 Task Manager

    Trying to seperate Smite from Google Chrome while I audio stream capture something else while I'm playing..I'm able to put Chrome on the last 2 cores, but when I try take the last 2 cores away from...
  3. Can you make Steam's toolbar shortcut point to the 32bit version?

    I've given the 64bit version too many chances, but the game never fails to screw up. Infinite map loading to where I have to force close, alt-tabbing and not able to get back in, forcing me to force...
  4. which one? I must've overlooked it..

    which one? I must've overlooked it..
  5. Game still has 64bit issues, chat/clan/friends list iassues

    Game still crashes or severely stalls when alt-tabbing while in 64bit mode (i think with either DX versions), can't see who's online in the chat message section for clan, can't see any messages...
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    Jing Wei graphic bugs with dx11

    first time playing her and i thought ok, her 1 puts out an invisible air vent, even thou i've seen them with the enemy. Then I was like, I'm not doing her ult right, she's not attacking. But after...
  7. Hera's Quests not showing in the quest log

    Been happening past few days, I'll complete a quest and it won't show another one. If I come on later on, it'll show one available. Or, like just now, it'll show a new quest and the icon will...
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    lol yeah just happened to me. If I click the show...

    lol yeah just happened to me. If I click the show posts checkbox i can see it though
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    Add more info in God Builder

    Hi just wanted to hop come on the forums (first time) and mention that, even though the God Builder was updated recently with ccr and such, there's still a bunch of things that could be updated. The...
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