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    Siege queue time too long.

    I missed when siege was open during the previous seasons and would like to play it online. However, with the queue time being over 7 minutes, I find it hard for any player to actively play on siege...
  2. Poll: Ok, on one hand, I'm surprised I was the only one...

    Ok, on one hand, I'm surprised I was the only one here that voted on your rework after all this time. About this rework, I think it not only comes with harder difficulty, but it would also make the...
  3. Nemisis needs a change in her ultimate, Divine Judgement.

    I ask that you PLEASE remove the movement speed reduction on Nemesis's "ult", Divine Judgement. It diminishes too much for the target god and makes Nemesis close gaps to targets much more easily than...
  4. Berserker's Shield + Asi on hunters - will it be meta?

    With the new item Berserker's Shield coming out on the 5.16 update, I am wondering how this item will impact hunters, if it will be available to them. This cheap item will provide some power, attack...
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    The idea seems nice in a strict, sophisticated...

    The idea seems nice in a strict, sophisticated fashion. However, why don't we try a math WHIZ Thoth, as well.
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    Player gods do not show up on the player...

    Player gods do not show up on the player appreciation screen for some reason.
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    Bug report: God bots can die twice in new Jungle...

    Bug report: God bots can die twice in new Jungle practice when selection pads are stepped on a few times. It does not seem to be affected by time, number of presses, player god selection, order, or...
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    4th god does not show in siege.

    Sometimes, one of the enemy gods do not show up in the scoreboard, as well as on the UI displaying the enemy team. It instead displays as a level 0 null profile on the UI and as nothing in the...
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    Inanimate gods

    During a jousting match, Chernobog became unregistrable to attacks, and was not moving in that state. Fortunately, he became targetable after our team got a kill, and was killed afterwards. I might...
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    Ravana win animation desynced.

    There are several frames in which Ravana's other heads and limbs do not connect with his body, leaving spaces between limb bodies that makes the animation more unrealistic and less mesmerizing....
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