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    It's infuriating to the highest degree. Why can't...

    It's infuriating to the highest degree. Why can't Hi-Rez just do it right the first time? Also why does lobby chat type as if the Insert Key is locked to on? Or that the whole message is highlighted...
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    What do you MEAN 3 to 1?

    I'm suffering from a butt load of bugs... My last post for a bug report hasn't even gotten a reply. Here's another bug for you all.
  3. I keep getting kicked from my games and given derserter status.

    Just like the title says. I play Skadi in arena, I get randomly kicked from my game and sent back to the main menu area. The first time nothing happened the 2nd time I get 10 minutes derserter...
  4. Lack of notifications are causing me to get deserter status.

    Your notifications don't suddenly jump-scare me and have a pop-up in the bottom right anymore. I watch youtube while I wait for my games to start and I keep getting deserter status because the game...
  5. Ratatoskr's basic attack are slower after his 2 and his 3 but not his 1 or his 4.

    I noticed that Ratatoskr has a 0.1 or so second of idle animation before starting his basic attack chain after using Flurry and Acorn Blast, but not after using Dart or Through the Cosmos. I don't...
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    It's a new day, looking back I was indeed rude. I...

    It's a new day, looking back I was indeed rude. I was salty from having leaver after leaver in my games, sorry :(

    I still stand by what I said about him being overly complicated but I could've...
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    You're right, best to reroll him every time and...

    You're right, best to reroll him every time and pretend he doesn't exist. Clearly he's not important enough to the game to learn about if it's the player's fault he's badly designed.
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    Redesign Cu Chulainn Please

    As a returning player playing Assault, I find it incredibly short-sighted and outright a mistake to make such a character have a kit so outrageous and complicated. I don't have time in an assault...
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    Doesn't that apply to every possible scenario,...

    Doesn't that apply to every possible scenario, except for the lion hide suggestion? Hunters are overpowered because they simply do everything assassins do better MOST of the time. I keep saying this...
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    She is a bit too good. They nerfed every...

    She is a bit too good. They nerfed every warrior's atk speed last year by like...20%, for the same reason why Bellona is so op. Warriors shouldn't attack super rapidly to kill their opponents, there...
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    How would they know to follow and constantly bump...

    How would they know to follow and constantly bump into Loki then? it's not like they know where to constantly go in order to bump into him. Like I said maybe keeping the visual effects so that...
  12. Here's 2 trolls that griefed and harrassed me in this report.

    [Mod Deleted] King Scuba

    I know that 99% of all reports "fall through the cracks" and get completely ignored but please here me out? :(
    The poseidon and the bacchus trolled me and the game by...
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    DoT + Stealth together = Bug?

    I don't really know if this will be considered a bug or a suggestion, but personally I think DoT effects should not give away your position while stealth-ed by spamming small numbers above your head....
  14. Progressively worsening ping? Lag issue.

    Hello Hi-Rez,

    I was playing a few games today and a bit yesterday, and I noticed that my ping was gradually getting higher and higher. This is a new issue for me as it only started happening a day...
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    Multiple bugs.

    1. I changed my name and when I type in chat it still says my old name, I did not pay 400 gems for half a name change. Please fix.

    2. This is a forum bug, your forum's search feature doesn't allow...
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