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    Sol's Stellar Burst inconsistency/bug

    Hello Smite Team

    I would like to report a bug (or rather an inconsistency) with Sol's 2nd ability. It is stated that its a basic attack and that it explodes on max range, however when you use it...
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    Well i thought i might chip in since no one has....

    Well i thought i might chip in since no one has. Maybe have the casters do impersonations of other casters/hi rez employees. You could also do a silly faces face off. Best Tina snort impersonation....
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    Ides of march Bug

    Hello smite team,

    The ides of march event bugged the roman pantheon purchase, you can only purchase roman gods with gems. The option for buying them with favor is gone.

    Hope this can be fixed...
  4. Arena crash/bug when enemy disconnects and comes back

    Hello smite team, i just found a bug in 5.1 that affected all the players in a match.

    It was arena and 1 enemy player was disconnected form the start, he came back after a while and when he dced...
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