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  1. Black ops ullr (tier 5) different locations or themes by evolution)

    his looks adapt to each location by level:jungle,desert,spy,arctic or oceanic

    his abilities adapt to his location

    the map or sky or scenery adapt/change to suit his location or theme

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    Circus ullr skin (tier 5)

    he looks like cicero from skyrim but like a magician,ring master,clown and like leprechaun loki.(changes)


    1:throws/extends with out to entangle and stun the...
  3. Trapeze jing wei tier 5 skin (harley quinn evolution)

    jing wei has all the perfect attributes to be a trapeze and her evolution can be harley quinns or like harley quinns like from doctor to crazy obsessed etc,her 1 can be a trampoline,her 2 can be hang...
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    This is a great idea we should combine our...

    This is a great idea we should combine our concepts together,also get some inspriration off rosario vampire kurumu kurono (a succubus) in a harem anime
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    this is great I just hope you can draw some...

    this is great I just hope you can draw some designs so I can visualize the character
  6. Yandere Medusa tier 5 odyssey submission by ArrowsOnTarget

    This is a concept that took me a while to design,im 13 i love anime esp mirai nikki and love paladins and smite esp awilix and medusa so i made a yandere medusa skin for the odyssey tier 5 with an...
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