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  1. oh ok thanks I appreciate the help

    oh ok thanks I appreciate the help
  2. Thor's knock up immunity doesn't work with vulcan

    Thor is beserkers barrage says that he is immune to knock ups but yet every time Vulcan meatballs Thor he gets knocked up. I checked vulcans info and it says that its a knock back but a knock back is...
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    Surrenders are broken

    The main problem I have is that when playing conquest with a friend or two the enemy team always surrenders around the 10-15 minute mark to the point where we go play arena because that's the only...
  4. Smite Disconneting me and my friend out of games while in game

    Me and a couple of friends were playing arena and all of a sudden everyone was walking endlessly into a wall and all my friends saw this it went away for one friend but kicked me and another friend...
  5. Lokis ult not working on dashing,jumping gods

    I'm not sure if this is a bug but when playing as Loki your ult is a stun that does damage to players but if the god you are ulting to uses a dash or jump ability right as you use your ult it wont...
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