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  1. Merlin's Flicker Immune to Poseidon Cripple

    I've seen a bug a few times recently where the cripple from Poseidon's whirlpool doesn't stop Merlin from flickering away.

    It's happened enough times where he clearly isn't using beads and the...
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    Beads item description update

    The description for beads needs an update. It does not provide immunity to all crowd control as it used to (back when the description was made).

    Currently several newer characters can continue to...
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    I suppose I can understand that blocking could be...

    I suppose I can understand that blocking could be used to block good players and manipulate the matchmaking system. However, that is only if blocking/reporting someone affects who is on the enemy...
  4. On the issue of suffcient deterrence for disconnecting

    I would like to suggest a revision to the current policy for punishing players who disconnect during a match. The current policy, I propose, has a fatal flaw: it lacks the quality of being a true...
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    Matchmaking bug with report system

    I've encountered a rather odd bug several times now. If I report a troll player, sometimes matchmaking will still put them on my team again the very next game. I'm assuming this is a bug yet to be...
  6. Nox channel persisting through CC and death

    I've encountered a few situations where Nox's channel persists despite circumstances which would end other god's channeled abilities. For instance: it persists through knock-ups (as many channels do,...
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