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  1. Smite is constantly having micro-skip issues

    I'm coming here to open a discussion about what I've been experiencing, some of my mates too and sometimes people in the games with / against me. It's a recent issue (3 months or a bit more) for me...
  2. Thread: Smite

    by PanDesir


    Hi Hi-Rez I dont want even read forum and look for more topics like this because IAM SURE THERE IS MANY!

    You are a company and we are a customers. We paying a lot for something, you keep saying...
  3. Replies

    Servers and Hi-Rez

    Company like Hi-Rez which earning so much money should DO FINNALY SOMETHING with servers... I spend money and Iam sure many other players too and for that we have deserter panetly EVERY DAY and...
  4. Polski klan dla graczy z TeamSpeak3 / +60 aktywnych osob!

    Polski klan [GGTs] GramyGadamy Zapraszam aktywnych graczy z ts3 do druzyny!
    Zainteresowani? Pisz w grze do PanDesir lub wejdz na teamspeak:
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