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    Plea to remove 24hr suspension from DC

    Hey guys, I left a game at God selection cause I selected Horus thinking I was Support and I was mid, I was pretty tired and on a long 8=10 game GRind..and I left. I got a 24hr. suspension and I was...
  2. Making Petition to Surrender in the bottom left or right, Why is it in the middle?

    I was in a 1v1 duel as a Hunter and several times now the vote to surrender pops up obstructing my view and distracting me throwing me off? What mind in the world would ever think of this in a MOBA?...
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    violation detected error

    I just got removed from a ranked queue for "violated detected" and now with deserter. This is the third time this has happened and it's getting very.very old. My anti-virus is on silent and I haven't...
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