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  1. Tired of getting reported for my play style

    I am tired of the player report system it is quite frankly garbage.

    IF your team loses in rank pretty much expect a report from every player on your team.

    Hey we started a fight on the other...
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    Nerf mages in solo lane....

    So god damn tired of facing mages in solo lane as a melee... They have instant clear after level 2... you cant engage them they just sit under their tower and poke you or dance around and have their...
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    Apparently Hi-Rez doesn't want my money

    Ooh look at this cool skin...
    No longer available.. Oh sorry for being a new player trying to enjoy your game

    Oh look at this skin... ummm play loot box lotto only one out of 86 chance to get.....
  4. So i got reported for winning a duel 2-0 in 22 min?

    I must have been cheating right... I had more run speed cause I had the bow with 3 stacks so 25 percent bonus run speed so of course i was cheating catching up to him for the kill while stunning him...
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    So i want to buy the skins i want...

    So I'm a new player and this confused the hell out of me and I am sure not gonna throw hundreds of dollars or thousands to buy a pretty graphic.

    I'm not gonna throw 5 bucks at a time at a random...
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    Need to fix reporting system

    SO i just got reported for FEEDING for dying 3 times in a 33 minute game?

    Oh why did I die 3 times... 1 taking out a T2 tower 1 dying defending a pheonix 3v1 and dying defending titan... While...
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