View Full Version : Severe frame drops/jumpy lag (game breaking and unplayable)

09-26-2015, 02:59 PM
Recently I have had a considerable jump in lag and overall glitchyness on smite. Its reached the point of making me not want to play the game until it's fixed or remedied in some way.

For example, the main problem, is a stuttering/jumpy lag that makes playing even somewhat effectively an immense challenge. I recorded a video of me playing medusa and you can clearly see how I bounce around, making effective basic attacking and any coordination almost impossible.

I recently bought a new Xbox One and immediately bought the God pack on smite. This is without mentioning that on my first Xbox One, that I now leave at my girlfriend's house for her to use, I bought the founders pack as well as the season ticket. I bought a season ticket in addition to the god pack on this new account.

It's not your fault or concern but I paid 400 dollars for a new Xbox One system and the vast majority of my hours on this Xbox is on a free to play game, smite. I love the game.

I'm more than willing to provide you help through information videos network info or anything else relevant to maybe find what's wrong.

My gamer tag is Lesothedoes

09-26-2015, 06:27 PM
Lag and rubber banding is pretty common for my friends. I recently got better internet and haven't noticed the problem anymore, but it's still way too common and only happens on Smite. Nobody from Hi Rez every really helped when I was having these problems though.