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09-09-2015, 12:38 AM
Hey guys,

donno if you will agree with me here but i feel like Heartseeker is pretty broken in the current meta...

u see if one buys heartseeker he has pretty much nothing at first... 20 power is like nothing and 10% movement is good in Terms of escaping but not a real deal if you compare it to dev gauntlets for pretty much every non-professionel Player...

then you stack it up... by dominating... why dominating? coz if you dont dominate you will lose stacks... and if you dominate? well you get like an average of at least 60 Power and thats good but when you dominate... you DOMINATE you dont Need power you will just wreck People anyway... tell me if im wrong but dominating the enemy is a hard Piece of work and most of the time is earned by out playing and not by having slightly more power or movement Speed (smurfing excluded).. even in pro gaming Level i personally think a hunter duel for example well..: pick a hunter with boots and dev gauntlet and another hunter with boots and heartseeker... who do you think will win if it was a fair Situation? i say dev gauntlets because the skilled pro hunter lands his shots and will have aroung +25% HP if you just do the simple maths... movement Speed is a good Bonus for out playing but if you are skilled enough for that Kind of game then you would do at least equally with hastened which has movement too... you just see i cant get in my head why anybody else besides a absolute pro Player (smurfing or dominating anyway) would buy heartseeker

i would like to see it with a Little more Twist... 3 possible ways...

1) Heartseeker gets another Bonus stat like +15 Pen flat... early game and late game potentail restored

2) Heartseeker stacks now give +10 Power instead of +6 but there is a Maximum of 6 Stacks instead of 10... this way heartseeker wouldnt Change really besides you would have a good use of it even if you die in a game you dont dominate anyway... the punishment is small enough to make it interesting but big enough to challenge yourself not to die too often and now low skill Players would think about buying it for the challenge of staying in Team fights and stay in it learning how to dodge properly in fighting situations more same meta Change should be applied to doom orb too then but doom orb if you really compare it has much more use coz mana!? i bet there are way more doom orb users then heartseeker users coz doom orb is a realy early game deal coz mana... ok you know what? dont Change doom orb... at least the risk of this item Comes with a real deal... 10% movement Speed is shit if you ask me compared to spaming your abilities...

3) if you really wanna Keep heartseeker as risky as it is then i would Think about buffing the movement even more so that the "outplaying" factor becomes real! make it 15%. this way heartseeker would become a real Option for skilled hunters again that would then have a real Chance of outplaying fast characters too which would give it the hint of a defensive escape tool... as i said the outplaying challenge is real!

what do you all think? shit storm incoming is real too? xD

love you hirez x3

09-19-2015, 06:50 PM
You make a good point, but I think in this form heart seeker has too much snowball potential, it would make early game gods like Thanatos nightmarish. Instead I would give it 8 stacks of 5, Now you have 60 power, 15 pen and 10 movement speed at max stacks and it isn't too easy to snowball with it, but it isn't too punishing like it is in its current state when you die. I agree giving its pen would greatly help its utility, but if we are to do so we can't keep 80 power. throw in Asi and Jotunn's wrath and you laugh at tanks, not to mention you shred squishies with little effort. On top of this room is left for boots and 2 crit items. If somebody wants to they could get the ninja tabi, rage, and deathbringer and now you're throwing out 700+ damage crits with a pretty good attack speed and almost completely ignoring protections.

09-20-2015, 04:40 AM
Honestly I like the current one. Ya it only works when dominating but dominating and winning are different things all together, so no it's not redundant when your dominating because your team might need you to dominate a little more to win.