View Full Version : Xbox Bugs: Needs fixing, looked into 09/01/15

09-02-2015, 12:11 AM
Would like to start off by saying I love the Xbox Version, and it is very fun as it is on the computer. I've been playing for two years now and still heavily active in the game. However there are a few bugs I have noticed that I would like to be looked into for the Xbox One when I transitioned over.

Default Mode on Xbox Controller Settings:
1.) When holding the right trigger on the controller to fire; you are unable to pop a consumable (LT+Y/B) an Active or Level Up abilities (LB+A/X/Y/B) while firing.
Too use any of those three you must let off the right trigger and quickly use those and return fire. When in a team fight, arena, 1v1ing in your lane, I found this to be very challenging and took away from the skill level that it is similar to the PC. I would like to see in the future that you could be firing and pop an aegis, or consumable without having to let off the trigger.

2.) Disclaimer: I have my X and Y sensitivity on 35. And I noticed that regardless of what I put it on I still had a discomfort glitchy feel to the following type of abilities.
The second big update I would like to see changed is the joltness on the Abilities that have range. For example: Thors Ultimate, Ramas Ultimate, Vulcans Ultimate, etc...When you use these types of abilities and push forward on the right thumbstick the cursor shoots up. When you pull the right thumstick down it jolts down. Same for the left and the right direction. Landing a Rama ultimate even a Thor ultimate is extremely challenging due to the fact when using the right thumbstick it moves extraordinarily fast in the direction you use the droystick. I believe it should be turned down where when I move my right thumbstick to the direction I want it does not drastically over correct and go to an extreme direction I move it. Because for me to land an ability you have to slowly drag the droystick to slowly move the cursor (Sounds like common sense) but it has a feeling that is not correct.

Playing with other people they have the same complaints but I was the only one to get on here and type it up.

Please look into this! Thanks