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08-27-2015, 10:03 AM
This might sound quite Noobish, But I don't think I am the only one out there that thinks splitscreen would be a good idea.
My wife and I both love playing Smite on Xbone, but at this stage its always a battle as we kindof have to take turns, and it feels a little unfair that the only way we can ever party up is if we had to buy a 2nd Console. Splitscreen works for so many other competitive 1st person console games. I can really practically visualise how it could work.

What do you guys think?

Am I the only one that wants this?

08-27-2015, 10:29 AM
In theory, split screen would be great... but I think the UI is already bursting at the seams on screen for one player, I couldn't imagine how cramped it would be with two.

08-28-2015, 04:29 PM
it would be nice to be able to split screen and play with friends. i don't think it would be cramped even with 4 on a 55 in + tv

08-29-2015, 09:02 AM
The gold and kills board could stay the same size, scaling down the size of the personal UI elements could work in theory.

08-31-2015, 01:48 PM
I approve of this idea

11-30-2015, 08:59 PM
this wouldnt work, too little space to fit everything, and that would make the team 2 players short basically

12-09-2015, 06:39 PM
This could actually work. Have the top stay the same and just mirror the screen for the other side, it's a great idea and it would make a lot of people happy.

12-10-2015, 04:00 AM
i don't think it'd be possible, and furthermore it would lead to massive amounts of trolling.

For starters, you'd need to have 2 separate accounts logged in at the same time.

Trollers would have a field day, since they'd just do the split screen and then force a 4v5 or a 3v5 by leaving.

12-15-2015, 07:11 PM
I would rather it not happen. I can see the appeal for sure but feel it wouldnt work. Maybe if they made it so you can split screen for co-op and practice that would be a decent solution. As long as split screen stays out of league and versus i am fine with it