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08-21-2015, 09:48 PM
Hello everyone! I've been playing Smite for at least three years now, and I've never encountered any technological difficulties until recently. When I began to play Smite, I have time to queue up into a game and select my god. However, about 15-20 minutes in game my computer screen shuts off and eventually after 30 or so seconds my laptop shuts down completely. Sometimes I can get through an entire game and start another then then my computer shuts down, or I try to accept matchmaking queue and my computer instantly crashes. I have removed and reinstalled Smite on to my computer already and it has not fixed the issue. This computer shut down problem ONLY happens on Smite, and not on any other games that I play on this laptop. I do not know if it's an issue with Smite or an issue with my computer hardware. This has been a reoccurring issue and I'd like to know if anyone can help me.

08-23-2015, 09:16 AM

this is the wrong section. You are in the German Forum area.
You won't get a lot of resonance in here.

Try this forum instead http://forums.smitegame.com/forumdisplay.php?14-Help-and-Support

Best regards & good luck fixing