View Full Version : Ao Kuang - Arena - 11 minute mark or so - unplayable

08-16-2015, 03:33 AM
4 out of 4 games around the 10-12 min mark while playing Ao Kuang in Arena there's microstutter every .5 seconds. It's literally unplayable. The game skips frames and people warp.

This only happens while I play Ao, no other god has suffered this type of microstutter while playing. I haven't tried any other mode with him either.

08-17-2015, 02:43 PM

We have a fix for Ao Kuang's performance issues that will be included in the next patch. Sorry for the inconvenience!

08-23-2015, 05:13 PM
Awesome news, thanks!

I should also mention a similar stutter happens with Hel's stance change and sometimes with Tyr's stance change.

08-25-2015, 03:11 PM
Yeah we're aware of the stance switch issue. We have a fix that likely won't make it into this patch cycle, but will be in the next patch for sure!