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08-12-2015, 10:26 PM
Hello everyone in HiRez and the SMITE community. I was banned roughly two weeks ago, give or take a few days. I've submitted multiple tickets in regards to having a possible appeal despite it being permanent. And my offences were consisting of targeting someone's sexual orientation by calling them a vulgar term for 'homosexual'. After receiving the ban a week prior to when it was actually reported it raised suspicions as I thought it was an accident because I haven't played on the account for an entire week before I received the ban. I then ended up speaking to some of the support staff after creating a ticket in confusion as to why I was banned. Of course after exchanging emails back and forth I finally was given the proof that was deemed ban worthy and that is not something I deny given that I am of course permanently banned. It was my second offence with calling someone the vulgar term for being 'homosexual' and the last warning I received was sometime in December of 2014. It was roughly six-seven months without any incident involving a report or warning from the HiRez team, or at least not that I know of because I didn't receive any notifications. In my recent emails I posted two letters and I still have yet to receive any response from the staff team handling the tickets. But I figured that making a public announcement on the matter would be the appropriate and mature thing to do.

As a fellow SMITE player, I do enjoy the many game modes that SMITE has to offer, I of course have laughs and shouts with my friends that I play with. But the thing is, that is apart of every MOBA I have yet come across. I wanted to make this post to both apologize but also come to an understanding, and not for me, but everyone who has been banned due to this offence or another. There are many people who enjoy playing SMITE undoubtedly, and there is also many people who put a lot of time, money and effort into the game to reach their max potential. That may not apply to some people reading this, but there is a good portion of SMITE fans that have contributed. Everyone has bad games, everyone gets provoked by other people in the game as well, and sometimes it doesn't happen and people deserve an outright ban. But what I am trying to get people to understand here is that everyone has bad days, everyone gets that one thing that ticks them off and puts them into a frenzy mode with insults and slurs, raging and the sorts. People have tried many techniques such as blocking the chat so that people don't annoy them, but blocking someone messaging you doesn't stop the spamming of taunt or laugh when you are killed. But I am not here trying to state the general toxicity of what happens in some games, because it is apart of it to an extent. A disrespectful extent, but still. I come here today to try and speak to the staff of HiRez and the community alike to try and revoke the ban that was put on me. I know I've done wrong, and I do admit it without a doubt. But I want everyone to know that some people who get banned without a doubt regret the decisions that are made from that one specific game. Rules are rules, I do understand that. But in my opinion, after months or even a year of having the first incident occur, a warning should be issued to alert the player and realize that their toxicity only makes things worse for them.

I wish to be unbanned solely for the reason that the money I put into my account, the time, and dedication as well doesn't go to waste. I have bad days much like everyone else. Even streamers have bad days, but it is just something that is natural. Sure some offences are stronger than others but I wish to have this ban lifted to prove myself that people who have received a permanent ban or a ban in general that is lengthy has the chance to prove and show that they can be non-toxic and better to the community. That is a promise I am willing to make, though I can only say so much. Thank you for reading through this for the ones that do. I do feel sorry and I 100% regret the remarks I made in regards to targeting someone's homosexuality. Personally I am not homophobic or anything along the lines of that, I realize that those words can hurt and offend some people say it without a regret in the world and that is their opinion they're titled to. But I just want to play on the account, and enjoy myself like I used to, SMITE contributed in a major part of my time when new skins, gods and things pop out. It is fun and entertaining for me to play with friends and have laughs. So once again thank you, and I apologize for my toxic behavior from weeks ago.

08-12-2015, 10:59 PM
Unfortunately the forums isn't the correct way to appeal a ban, you have to submit a support ticket (http://www.hirezstudios.com/smite/nav/comm/support/ask-a-question).

Going to have to close the thread, discussing disciplinary actions taken against your account, or others, is against the forum's code of conduct (http://forums.smitegame.com/showthread.php?5758-Forums-Code-of-Conduct).