View Full Version : color blind mode

04-01-2015, 08:48 PM
i made this topic in alpha discussion and it got no attention so im going to make it here. Colorblind mode does not help me at all. With it turned off i can see my teams hp fine but my enemies hp bars are dark purple almost black so i cannot tell if a nemey has alot of hp or very little. If i turn on colorblind mode all it does it switch the colors of my team and enemy teams hp bars so this is useless. Colorblind correction does not change the color of these bars. We need an option to change the color of enemy and friendly hp bars even if its just a few colors to choose from.

Support is my main roll and its impossible for me to know when to hog 3 the FG becuyase its hp bar is way too dark (why does it not have a hp bar like gold fury?).