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03-23-2014, 08:58 PM
Greetings, im writing this post cause recently i saw the talk show they smitagame chanel has, where the viewers asked the casters what class did they thought was the more balanced, and F. answered hunters.

So i thought, when playing adc i never think i have to pick this god because it may give an advantage in comparison to others in the class, unlike other roles, where my thought process is:

solo : why will i ever choose herc, guan, wukong, nu- wa or anubis when gods like vamana, chaac, tyr, ra and hel are open, unless i just believe i will have more fun with the first group

jungle: why will i ever choose loki, arachne or ne zha if thanatos, tyr, freya, bastet, chaac or odin ar open, unless im just loocking for the fun factor.

But when it comes to hunter i just pick acoording to what i feel like playing, trying to not suck, fail and feed too hard in the game, disregarding god strengts because i think every god has something kinda unique going for them:
Apollo: Split pushing with the ult, atack speed passive.
Neith: global prescence while in lane farming, having super nice clear with the 3 and 1 combo, sustain in lane.
Artemis: craz dps, a cc inmune ult that sets up the trap, nice harrasement.
Anhur: nice wave-clear, boxing potential and the pilar, into stun, into ult xd.
Cupid: a quick dash, sustain in lane, a giant ult kinda hard to miss that goes well with odin ring, forcing beads plus combat blinck to get away .
Xbal: a disrupting ult that no other god has, crazy lategame with the passive stackedm and the aoe normals with his 1 activated (bad early game clear, but a support or guan wukong can help with that).
AMC: I dont really undestand this guy :( , but he was top hunter pick before the nerfs.
Ullr: i dont undestand this god either :(

So do you think, like me, that having a balanced class means having every god in that class have someting that makes them unique, while also not out-shining eachoter in a position or rol that every god in that class shares, in this case, duo lane adc carry?

Or do you think that as the god pool grows, some gods are just going to be inevitably on a lower tier that their class partners?

Or do you support the position that states that since a lot of god can fill a lot of roles, depending on the game meta, this will change eventually as the meta itselfs changes, and balancing god around how close they are to the class partners is not viable?

What does the concept “balance” means to you?.

And lastly, do you like the buffing aproach that Hirez took with mages like pos and Isis, and expect something similar to happen to cronos and nu wa, or want nerf- oriented balance changes, like what happened to zong?

Thanks for reading :p

08-09-2014, 11:02 PM
TL;DR Im sorry :c

08-09-2014, 11:26 PM
Lots of gods have good and bad matchups. That includes hunters. When you're just playing casual matches, it really doesn't matter what you take in any given role, as long as the god in question can fill that role and you can do well with it. For instance, why would you ever take Sobek over, say, Kumbhakarna? Well, people do. And they do well with them, even though Sobek isn't "the best" guardian.

It's the same with any other god you mentioned. I've seen people do amazingly well with Ne Zha, Wukong, etc. And saying "why would I ever pick Hercules..?" right now might get you a few odd looks, because currently he's considered to be a VERY strong warrior. Great support, solid solo lane, good scaling into late-game.

What it boils down to is that I, personally, would rather have someone playing a god they're good with and comfortable with rather than whatever people perceive as the "current OP pick", just because people think it should be played. I've seen people completely stomp all over the "op pick" gods, because they were really good with the god they chose.

Every god has something unique to bring to the table. While there are a few here and there that could use some tweaking, overall the game is pretty well balanced.

08-10-2014, 02:31 AM
I think looking at play in general and the pro leagues one of the things that stands out to me is the huge diversity of gods I've faced, I've played a game involving every god bar 2 I think. And when you look at the pro leagues though there are obviously favourite picks it is still incredibly diverse considering that as top players you would expect them to single out the most powerful gods yet in the games yesterday there were 27 different gods picked by my count, I know picks and bans come into this but still with 10 players I think that's noteworthy. You also see different ideas from different regions, europe kick off had He Bo 100% pick ban, yet he only came out for a few games in america, the reverse was true for loki. What I;m trying to say is that these are all indicators that most gods have their advantages and disadvantages which leads to a more diverse play and is a great indicator of balance in my mind.

08-10-2014, 08:30 AM
There will always be gods that won't be picked up because there are better options, but in general I agree with you. Take Tyr and Hercules. They are both warriors whose kits revolve around displacing enemies and sustaining in fights with a massive heal. Pre warrior nerfs, Tyr was the obvious pick because his heal was guaranteed and instant, his dash had priority over every other dash in the game, etc. Now, Hercules is in a better position because his dash now has top priority, his heal is now way better, and in general is safer to play.