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An interesting debate as to why the ordering of the top 3 plays! So I can quickly brief over how the ordering works. It surely is fascinating and I like fascinating.

When it comes to analyzing plays we look at many different angles. One common action that commenters make is to fixate on the highlighted player, thus ignoring their allies and more importantly, enemies performance considering the circumstances.

So we have to look at what exactly the enemy does, why they do it, and if it was a reasonable course of action. The best place to start is by what Gods have been chosen. This is very prominent in the this weeks "Play #3". The enemy team, the blue team, initiates an engagement trying to capture the Ullr who simply beads out. Blue team commits putting a lot of damage on to the pheonix. Which is great!

However, they didn't stop. After exhausting all of their ultimates they continued to the Titan with the enemy still very much alive. At which point a surprise Mercury gets an excellent opportunity due to clustering and the battle soon ends with Red team decimating.

Given the circumstances. Blue team needed to back off and prepare for the next fight or continue to pick off more pheonixes to apply pressure. Pushing straight to the titan with Bakasura, Scylla, Mercury and Ullr still alive would have been risky at best. They were never given the opportunity to down the Titan and thus the play was made!

This is, to me, a simplification of the overall analysis. We look at cooldowns, although some times replay bugs prevent us from gathering the full truth,

In contrast, let's look at the Top "Play #1". Whilst there are innocent mistakes in judgement there are a lot of great actions that the enemy team, blue, do. Ullr and Thor both narrowly escape back into their tower prior to their demise. We've got a good bit of poke before the main action. We have basic things like getting an Aegis against Poseidon. Scylla protects herself from the Kraken using that. It's textbook!

The supports are moving to assist their allies to protect them rather than becoming naughty basic attack bots. Nice teamwork to pick off Scylla, that's a lot of Area-of-easy damage gone along side a painful root and without over extending into the second tower. Thanatos 180 degree scythe immediately into Ullr and dodges the incoming stun, this was very fast paced, and Ymir responds accordingly by walling off Thanatos's escape so he does what anyone would do fearing death in the moment and that's inflict as much damage as possible. Thor did stay rather than backing off but it was rationale to believe he could provide support through abilities at range to punish thanatos for potentially over extending.

Alternatively, some times it can be really difficult to place plays in an order that a majority will agree with and the time spent trying to figure out what the best ordering is is time that could be better spent producing more videos. The method then is to make sure the bottom 2 plays and the top 3 plays are correct!

So I hope this provides a little insight. We do go into more detail on the live stream! It's time for me to get back to work =)

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03-26-2015, 11:32 AM
A good Scylla is ridiculous! Loving the new card/skin intros, Inuki!

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Inuki, the submission link is brining up an error 404 not found when I click on it.

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Inuki, the submission link is brining up an error 404 not found when I click on it.

Fixed for you.

03-28-2015, 06:08 AM
not scylla again!
my favorite was n3, that mercury!