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04-25-2014, 12:47 AM
MILLENEUM, is a clan that originally played SWBF2 back in 2006-present day recently have been on SMITE now for awhile, we have set up for the casual player community and now we are looking for a competitive player base, i will soon make 3 competition divisions (1st Covenant, 2nd Covenant, 3rd Covenant) we need people that are willing to become apart of our loyal family

our current website: http://milleneumhq.tk

we use Razer Comms our Group name: SWBF2 MILLENEUM

Apply Here!!!

05-05-2014, 10:14 AM
bump updated a application button!

11-18-2014, 12:40 AM
The leader of the milleneum clan instigated a fight with the chaos emperor, they both had a 1v1 but neither match could be accepted as a legit match due to the fact the match was setup improperly, and the fact no one had set "fair" rules for all to abide by, However i do have recordings of the "milleneum' clan leader vulcid rages and otherwise breaking the concentration of both combatants, including himself but hes not very bright and only fought the Chaos emperor out of sheer "hate" alone while the chaos emperor freely 1v1ed him and expected a fair 1v1 from his opponent in return, however this was impossible due to the fact vulcid decided to bring his opponent down to his level whether he relized it or not by insulting him, also ingame it was vulcid who would build against his opponent, naturally he would have been disqualified due to the fact he used chat flamming to try to size his opponent down so he could beat him, but as i said the rules and the way the 1v1 should have taken place was poorly made, so therefore the 1v1 was considered "Void" for both partys, and was simply just a bad memory of both opponents insulting eachother and or raging, however the instigator is clear that itt was indeed vulcid who came at the chaos emperor first, for those of you either not smart enough, or old enough to understand this plz add my xfire which you can download here at xfire.com my gamertag is NightBlade54, also if you wish to see the recordings simply ask me and i shall send you it, so unfortunately i must decide that this match is neither a draw, nor existant because both opponents were at fault here.

11-18-2014, 12:42 AM
Also fyi just to leave some troll bait to the haters, my account here on hirez.com is incorrect to my actual ingame profile ingame, goodday.

11-18-2014, 05:11 AM
"Hello all my names Vandrall and im the clans second leader, basically I look out for all the other members below me, and make sure their not being harassed, and are getting along with eachother, I also do quite abit of work with the clan leader in improving the clan overall to make it better for all to either visit, or hangout in, if anyone has any questions, concerns, or anything to add please consult us ingame."

So, you make sure others aren 't being harrased? Improve the clan? Better place to visit or hangout?

So when I say: "Now a more serious response, you're posting this in the wrong section, there is a looking for group section too, I think it would get more serious answers over there, ask a mod to move your thread if need be. "

You answer: "No one cares about your reponses or your greedy intentions to shove your demands on my forum post, you sir go go kill yourself, thats how what i think about what you have to say."

Then I reply that I was honestly just answering your thread. Then you say that my ingame stats suck and that I'm a scrub who needs to get at your level.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater, I don't hate anyone in my life. It will take much effort for me to hate someone. But what are you trying to prove here.
Only people who talk about "haters" n shit are bad rap artists and underaged kids.

Even if it's troll bait, it's pretty pathetic. Why didn't you answer my PM? Because I didn't get angry at you? Probably, coz then it isn't so fun if you can't get on my nerves.

I don't like pretentious people.. Introduce yourself as a sort of peacekeeper of the clan then after 2 posts you completely disintegrate into something volatile. Ok, perhaps we (me and the forum) shouldn't have trolled your thread, but you start to bash the guy who actually starts a dialogue with you.

I don't understand you.