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03-25-2015, 11:19 AM
It seems a problem people will are most likely to encounter on the xbox version versus the pc version is communication. Sure, some people will have mics, but some might not have one or may choose to not use it. So I was hoping that you are planning to add in a chat system for those who don't have mics. Make it sorta like the VGS chat on the PC version except you can use the D-Pad to navigate through the some of the categories, then after you pick a category, it will bring up a list of commands for that category. Let me setup an example of how this system could work:

1. (Attack)
1a. "Attack Left Lane!"
2b. "Attack Middle Lane!"
3c. "Attack Right Lane!"

2. (Defend)
1a. "Defend Left Lane!"
2b. Defend Middle Lane!"
3c. "Defend Right Lane!"

3. (Retreat)
1a. "Retreat Left Lane!"
2b. "Retreat Middle Lane!"
3c. "Retreat Right lane!"

4. (Help!)
1a. "Help Left Lane!"
2b. "Help Middle Lane!"
3c. "Help Right Lane!"

5. (Gank)
1a. "Gank Left Lane!"
2b. "Gank Middle Lane!"
3c. "Gank Right Lane!"

6. (Incoming)
1a. "Enemies incoming left!"
2b. "Enemies incoming middle!"
3c. "Enemies incoming right!"

7. (Type to team)
Opens up the xbox keyboard to type in your own message to the team

If you wanted to let your teammates know that enemies were coming right lane, you would press Down on the D-Pad once to bring up the Chat List (Press your cancel fire button to close it again), Press down 5 times, Press right on the D-Pad to confirm the category (Press left on the D-Pad to go back if you selected the wrong category), Then press down twice and right to confirm the chat. So it would look like this: "Open quick chat, Dp-D 5x, Dp-R, Dp-D 2x, Dp-R = Enemies incoming right!"

This is just a quick example on how this can used, so I didn't include all the categories such as "MIA" or "Returned". Really hope this function or something close to this gets added to the game.

Some other examples:
Dp-D to open quick chat,
(Dp-D 2x, Dp-R, Dp-D, 1x, Dp-R = "Retreat Middle Lane!")
(Dp-R, Dp-R = "Attack Left Lane!")
(Dp-D 4x, Dp-R, Dp-D 2x, Dp-R = "Gank Right Lane!")

03-25-2015, 11:22 AM
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03-25-2015, 11:25 AM
And for the commands that don't have there own category such as "Be Right Back." or "Thanks!", there could be misc category for them. An example for the category:

0. (Misc)
1a. "Yes!"
2a. "No!"
3a. "Thanks!"
4a. "Be right back."
5a. "Ok!"

Open quick chat (Default would be Down on the D-Pad),
(Dp-D, Dp-R, Dp-D 3x, Dp-R = "Be Right Back!")

03-25-2015, 08:11 PM

VGS is in development. Mic use is encouraged!

03-26-2015, 07:29 AM
Glad it is being put into the xbox version. Would suck to not have some kind of chat system :)