View Full Version : End of Battle Stuck, Game Mode Icons Pic Lock

03-24-2015, 01:23 AM
XboxName: Xephirhiro
Anyways, this happened while playing arena, we were against a team that had various disconection issues and when we won the game went into the victory scene and turned black, after waiting a while the minimap appeared (mind me everything was black with the victory image on screen) and the game got stuck there.

I'm not sure if I waited around 10 or 15 minutes before reseting but at least I got the victory spoils. (XP, etc)

Also, I bought xbox gold while playing the game and the features looked locked (but I could still play) so I guess it would be wise to refresh those menu icons everytime you return to the lobby, cause I kept having those locks on the game modes and it could mislead any gamer who buys gold just to play this game.

Oh and it would be ideal and awesome if one could see the chracters abilitiesafter you choose the character while waiting on the skin choosing part, I guess not everyone knows the exact abilities of every god.