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03-14-2015, 03:33 PM


This week we had 383 submissions. I think we're soon about to go over 400 submissions! Do remember to check that your replay does have a replay though!

There was somewhat of a challenge in this episode of Top 5 Plays. Can anyone guess what it might be?

We had an influx of Ares no escapes today! Now the thing about Ares is, the enemy needs at least beads and they need to acknowledge that they have CC immunity built into most of their ultimates. When your enemy doesn't acknowledge this it's hard for the play to be a "Top" play.

As Ares, If you can bait out purification beads, Aegis's and ultimates then use your no escape. Then that is a good Ares Ultimate! Similarly you can sway the power between two teams in a fight by trading ultimates. We somewhat see this in this episode of Top 5 Plays!

As always, feel free to post here any questions/suggestions or comments about this weeks selections, perhaps you would like some information on a play you submitted or anything else Top 5 Plays related! This is the place I would love to keep in touch with you about the show and stay connected!

Usually I point out some funny submissions but this week seemed to be week of the liars! There were chuckles to be had as some players thought they were juking lots of attacks when in reality their chasers had long given up! Be sure to check the replay before you submit it =)

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