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03-09-2015, 11:13 AM
Hi all - some of you may or may not know how to upload your images to the forums, so here's a quick tutorial of how to do so.

Step 1: Find the image that you want to include in your thread. Make sure that it is saved locally on your computer.
Step 2: Head over to Imgur and hit the "Upload Images" button.
Step 3: Click the "Browse your computer" button, and locate the image you want to upload. Once selected, clicked "Start Upload".
Step 4: Once your image has uploaded, you should be shown the image in full. Click on the image, and it should then remove everything but the image from the web page.
Step 5: Copy the URL (which should have .jpg or .png at the end of it)
Step 6: Head over to the thread you want to reply to and click the icon with the tree on it.
Step 7: Paste the URL into the box and click "OK".
Step 8: Submit your reply.

Your image has now been uploaded!

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Another way to do this is to follow until Step 2, copy the "Direct Image Link" the uploaded image generates, then wrap the tags in "" codes

For example


Results in