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02-18-2015, 10:12 AM
Hello Gods and Goddesses!

Top 5 Plays Episode 70 is of course out. If you havn't seen it then here it is!


But why the forum post! Well, I'm here to tell you some of the details about this weeks highlighted submissions that did not get picked!

This week we had quite the serious trend of Thor plays. You guys really seem to like Anvil of the Dawning into a pack of enemies who are minding their own business at the Gold Fury. The poor guys couldn't survive the following berserker barrage!

Now sadly not all replays can be viewed but if we could include descriptions in the Top 5 Play series then some of these have to be winners! Here are some epic tales that bards have yet to find rhymes for!

"I did an ultimate"

A truly fascinating cliff hanger submission. I can confirm that the play did deliver what it promised. Ultimates was done!

So im going from mid to solo lane, where a teamfight has just started, while i cross in to the jungle with 40% life apollo comes from the sky, and get me low, i start juking him by the fg, wich he agroes and then juking starts, and janus shows up with low health, to help apollo, and i get a kill on apollo thx to fg and janus dies to fg and i survive with like 1 procent hp.

This submission was fantastic. We had to load it up just to see this guy escaping on, like, 1 Procent hp. A new phrase was coined and now if you ever escape with a small amount of life and you did it like a pro! You too can say you escaped with like 1 procent health!


Okay so this one wasn't submitted this week but I thought it was worth putting it here for our first Top 5 Plays forum postarooni! When describing a play it's probably best to actually describe what happened in the play. With 300-400 submissions a week it's impossible to load up every replay so be sure to tell us what was awesome about the play to make sure that we will load it up! I hope this has been a useful tip on submitting your top 5 plays in the future! I'll be giving more tips out in the future!

feel free to post suggestions on what you would like to see from the forum section of Top 5 Plays, or ask any questions regarding the episode or show in general. See you next week!

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Top 5 Play Live Selections are broadcasted randomly Saturday Night


I will announce when the stream is live on twitter so follow up!


02-18-2015, 11:43 PM
Awesome, I'm glad that this great series is introduced to the forums. It's always delightful to watch.

02-20-2015, 06:38 AM
I love your videos ;)
Do you have regular streaming times for watching the play-submissions?
Maybe you could do some Top5 for special gods... because mostly the top5 are dominated by hunters and asassins.