View Full Version : Ra Suriving Two ULTs While Being Tower Dive

02-02-2015, 06:49 PM
Match ID: 131347189. Player Name Truestormblasts: In game name stormblasts

Play Starts:10:30-11:00
Nemesis get's spotted out by a ward 10:33
Nemesis ULT 10:37
Vamana ULT 10:40
Nemesis dies to Tower but Ra get the kill 10:46
Ra jukes against two ULTs and live under tower 10:37-10:51
Awilix comes in 10:52
Awilix catches Vamana right after he dashes and she ULT 10:53
Vamana gets plunder by Ra and Awilix and dies at 11:00