View Full Version : A teamfight happens, and we're initiated against. We have a 2v5 team fight.

04-16-2014, 04:04 AM
Match ID 57736082
Team fight starts at 1:40

Red Team XB starts things off with an ult, and RT Geb follows up with his own to gain the attention of the blue team. At the same time RT Loki drops blue's Neith like a bad habit, however XB has been taking a beating, while RT Freya takes to the air for support. It looks like XB might get away until blue team's Vulcan drops him with a backfire.

Blue's thor tries to ult but gets taken down before he gets under way. BT Pos is down to half health, and BT Hades is about the same. While BT Pos flees, BT Hades proves he has a massive set of balls, and initiates vs the entire enemy team still remaining (4).

The enemy team FF's the Hades, and forgets about BT Vulcan. A critical mistake. While they ff hades Vulcan unleashes both his ult, and magma bomb downing both RT Chang'e, and RT Freya earning him the coveted triple kill. Sadly Hades dies in the flames.

Low on health Geb, and Loki attempt to flee. Vulcan pursues Loki, but Geb throws him a shield so he swaps targets to Geb, and manages to slow him enough for Posiedon to come up, and take credit for a kill. Meanwhile BT Neith has respawned, and she mows down Loki one step before his base.