View Full Version : 1v4 Chaac Clean Up

04-16-2014, 03:13 AM
Blue Team push to left tower goes wrong after all of Red team comes to defend. Neith taking too long to retreat gets caught out and killed immediately. Ymir tries to hold off the enemies as Thanatos tries to kill of the mercury in a bit of greed that goes wrong when his ultimate does not secure the kill due to the Ra heal and he is taken down. Ymir get stunned and slowed and eventually killed, leaving only the Ao Kuang to defend the left tower.

Meanwhile Chaac was at base after defending right lane from a large wave of minions and rushes to his team's aid. Unable to assist Ao Kuang with Storm Call, the noodle dies to an Agni's vengeance. Now the enemy looks to kill of Chaac who is left to defend the tower alone. Looking a bit greedy, 4 members of the enemy team try to kill of Chaac as he pushes the creep wave while Apollo retreats to base. But everything goes wrong and Chaac kills off all 4 members of the enemy team with a Quadra kill and the assistnace of the Neith's World Weaver on the Ra and manages to survive with less than 200 HP.

Match ID: 57731952

Time: 17:12 - 18:47