View Full Version : League Rama Quadra kill

12-09-2014, 06:17 PM
Hi, so all game is fun to watch me playing rama, but i think the best part is when I engaged Hel, fast it turned out on 5v5, all were alive, but I was down on 15-25% health and only protector was Gebs shield, so I jumped in air to save me, in the air i managed to get hel with one shot, I landed, but i was just too low to fight, so i used my ability to get out, but kali followed with her ultimate, minions helped me to kill her, it was 3 versus 5, few shots to enemy minions and from life steal i was back in the game, ymir was killed by vulcan, but there was Nu Wa and Ullr left, both with full health, i didnt think much and i jumped after tham with only 20% of health, boom, boom, boom, and both of tham were dead, Quadra kill baby !!!

It starts about 28:20 and watch it in 1/2X , just epic !!!

Match: 117077047
/Replay 117077047