View Full Version : NA LF Competitive Team for upcoming Season!

11-27-2014, 05:35 AM
Hey All,
First off want I'm looking for a competitive team for the upcoming season after worlds.
IGN- Pookabear
I currently main the ADC role but can Jungle/solo just as well.
I'm 22 years old
Have a Mic/headset
I'm Currently in diamond 4 was Diamond 2 then they implemented the new system and I made the grave mistake of queuing and was demoted but, climbing back up.
I used to play for a team OnCooldown in season 1, and team eventually broke up and our former Mid laner went to Fat Chunks, Hurriwind.
I'm willing to try out for a team but only interested in players that are primarily in diamond+
Just send me a message IG or add me on Dolby Axon Username is Pookabear because I'm usually on there.
Happy Hunting!