View Full Version : Tyr + Athena Ult for triple kill under tower & Apollo 1v4 quadra + FG steal.(Ranked

04-14-2014, 12:45 AM
The first play is when I (Tyr) and athena are at their tower. Fenrir ults athena and pulls her into tower so she dahses away, meanwhile He Bo ults a loki getting him low. Athena dashes to the backlines and begins to channel her ult onto tyr. Tye uses his ult and hits 3 people, just low enough for athena to secure a triple kill(unnoficial Quadra).

scene begins at about 11 minutes in.

The next part, only two members of the red team are alive, Apollo sees that they are taking fire-giant with wards. He rushed to fire-giant as fast as he can, upon arriving he quickly kills Anhur, then he turns to Anubis and takes him out just as an Anubis wrap hits, he turns his attention towards fenrir who jumps on top of him but quickly dies, only ares is left and Apollo takes him out as well as securing the fire-giant buff for the win.

This is right at the end about 1 minute before downing the titan.

The match ID for this game is 57272430.