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11-11-2014, 11:13 PM
First post on the forums, but that's unrelated!

Anyways, recently I have been getting into Nu Wa more for solo lane and also for joust matches. Does anyone know any good builds for her? So far I've been heavily increasing her attack speed/basic attack power since her basic attack is naturally powerful. Mix in a few cooldown reduction items and smack 'em with the wombo combo as well (Clay soldiers and detonation with her 3). I want to build her as a tank killer if anyone can help me, and also please note that I'm very new to building gods as I've been using auto-buy for a while since I had no idea what to do.

12-22-2014, 09:08 AM
I've been using Nu Wa a lot, so I have a pretty good idea of what would work for her in terms of items.

First off is the obvious: Rod of Tahuti and the Shoes of the Magi. The former to give a massive boost to your magical power, and the latter for magical penetration and movement speed. Another one to get would be the Chronos' Pendant, which will drastically reduce the cooldowns on your already powerful abilities. You will also want to get the Ethereal Staff, which will not only increase your mana and ability power, but also boost your health, which in turn will up the health of your Clay Soldiers.
These last 2 will mainly be focusing on your ultimate, Fire Shards. You'll first want to get the Soul Reaver. When you attack, it will take 15% of the maximum health of the enemy with the greatest maximum health and apply it to that god as bonus damage.
The last one is Hide of the Urchin. If your Fire Shards ult doesn't kill, you would have still done damage and if they finally are killed by another player, you'll get an assist bonus which will ramp up your protections.

As for consumables,though I usually use Greater Sprint and the Girdle of Inner Power, I'll leave that up for you to decide, because they are not that powerful or instrumental in game play.

Good luck! I hope this item set helps.

12-22-2014, 02:35 PM
Sorry for my English.

It very much depends on your goals to build Nuwa.

To me Nuwa is the best of all gods in conquest for solo split push. If u max her cooldown to 40% and HP to around 2500+ to 3000. Together with book of Thoth, Ethereal Staff, Gem of Isolation and Rof of Tahuti u can achieve around 600 - 700 Magical power.

Now. U can basically sprint or tele right to a ward which u put near their Phoenix. Summon ur 3 soldiers to tank and start skill their phoenix. U will notice when 3 soldiers die, ur summon skills is of cooldown and u can summonm another 3. When their minions spawn at their phoenix. Use fog and metal to kill them. WARNING: do not use metal if ur soldiers tanking phoenix or they will die.

As a Nuwa, u need to split push, because ur push is amazing. Ur fog and metal can clear a wave of minion with ease. When u reach their tower, do not linger there. Summon ur soldiers and start split push another empty lane or defend ur towers. U only use aa to atk the tower only if no enemy there AND ur team just killed some of them so u know ur team is currently out numbered.

When u solo split push. Please notice if ur team engages in fights. Use ur ult to help them. Gems of isolation works nicely to slow them down 2s so they cant run or ur teammates can escape. If u keep split push farming, u should be the richest in ur team and ur ult will normally take away 1/4 or 1/5 HP of a pure power build, which contribute a lot to ur team fights. U should have top player dmg at the end even u have very low kills.

Now, the keys to split push are : 1. WARDS 2. active tele to wards. 3. active sprints to get our of nasty situation.

U may not out run some high mobility gods, but ur gem of isolation will slow them down. always run in fog for 10% speed boost and when they touch the fog, they are slowed down. The key is map awareness. Ask ur tanker to wander around their fire giant and they will all run to fire giant like idiots so ur free to split push. Unless ur team mates are feeders. They should not die because ur team are the one in control and u help them heaps with ur ults.

Now, if all of them come gank ur team. ur free to split push, which eventually, u will kill their phoenix which causes them a lot more trouble to defend give u more chances to push another towers or farm fg or gf.

And, if they go back to defend the tower, u tele to another lane start farming. When ur team can gank their solo split push easily with the help of ur ult.


tl,dr: Nuwa is the best for split push because she can clear minions with ease using fog and metal. When she reaches enemy's towers, she summons her soldier and go push other lanes. The best thing is, she can help her team by using her ult whenever her team engage in fights. Gem of isolation is the key to escape nasty situations, slow all the enemies down, which help ur team further more to run or chase.

12-22-2014, 08:49 PM
I used to be terrible with her, but after finding the right build, she's suddenly one of my faves.
I prefer to max cooldowns first with Shoes of Focus and Chronos Pendant. Then I like to add Obisidian Shard for the power and penetration. Rod of Tahuti is a must, but whether you go slot 4 or 5 is a little preference for me. Ethereal Staff sounds good, though Warlocks Sash can get you even better numbers(slot 3 or 4 feel best since by then she can wipe waves easily).
I like the suggestion above for Hide of the Urchin, though slot 5 or 6 feels a little too late in the game to get the most out of it.

For abilities, I like one in each, then max Clay Soldiers as soon as possible(use the skip option) which lets them absolutely wreck towers and terrorize the enemy. Then alternate between Mist and Metal.

I'd suggest visiting here if you'd like more ideas. http://www.smitestuff.com/#overview