View Full Version : [EU] 2 players looking for people to play with! (communication = the key)

11-11-2014, 05:46 AM
Hey all,

Me and a friend of mine have been playing for a week now. We love the game but we hate ending up with randoms who just play as an individual player. We really prefer teamwork (obviously).
I must say, we are doing a pretty good job on this game. Been watching a lot of how the mechanics work, spawntimes, rotating etc.. So were still learning but were aware of it!

At this moment, we are looking for people (who are not shy and dare to speak :)) to play with together!
Hope were getting 5 people who like us for being us and enjoy playing the game as well.
We don't like people who rage/flame/swear at each other. It's all about learning it and having fun as well! After all, It's just a game.

I am 27 years old, he is 20 years old and we both live in Europe (I am from the Netherlands, he is from Denmark)

If you want to know more.. This is how you can contact me:

-Skype -> bas.spoel1
-Smite -> baasjetoch
-Steam -> baasjetoch

Hope some people will get in touch! See you around :)

11-11-2014, 07:21 AM
checkout teamaa.org if you are level 30 players.

11-11-2014, 04:34 PM
If you are under level 30, then feel free to add me!

IGN: TemplarA
Age: 17
Skype: TemplarAnimated
Country: England
Level: 19
Mastery Level: 8

I'd be happy to play some games with you, still learning the game everyday.

11-14-2014, 02:41 AM
add me up. MaTaADoR

08-12-2017, 12:12 PM
you could add me i have been playing for quit a awhile but with the sounds of it you guys are learning conquest and i have recently started to learn about it it might be perfect XD username is boncy100
skype : boncysfuntube
twitch : boncysfuntube
i think thats all of em so if you wanna friend me on any of these go ahead