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11-02-2014, 06:50 AM
Okay, so i hitted about month ago 30 level, and probably soon jumping to leagues and i have few questions about leagues.

1. I have heared that when u first time enter leagues, youre mostly first picker/banner. What gods should i ban? I know that "just ban top tier gods and youre fine" but what about if some1 in my team is going to play that god? They rage me up and we lose.

2. Do i just call my role normaly, like in casual, when i enter league?

Thanks :)

11-02-2014, 09:03 AM
you're only first pick/banner if you're the highest rated on your team. If you are then if you're chaos side, try to ban high tier gods but try to leave at least one high tier god for yourself as you'll get first pick (Ex. Ban Serqet, athena,but leave mercury so you can try to grab him first). Or if you're starting order side ban gods that are high tier or good as you get two choices to start with so you can grab two really good ones (Ex. Ban Mercury, Sylvanus, grab Apollo and Geb.), locking you're opponent out of them without having to ban them. also halfway through choosing gods you'll get another ban phase, in this case ban gods that can counter you're team or are potential good picks for you're opponents.

As for calling a role, usually call your role in the lobby then get ready to discuss choosing a different role getting shafted into another role because people on curse don't pay attention to chat or just don't care