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10-14-2014, 05:18 AM
so I have been playing a few days now, love Neith. I have no problems playing her, team never has problems with me when I play her. Issue is, in cases where Neith was taken or the team had a lot of DPS or ADC is it?, new to the terminology as well, I would be told to roll Tank or Support.

I decided to take up Athena using a guide I found on smitefire that focused on support. but I suck. I can't build gold and EXP and I end up feeding the enemy. last match I was in, I had people tell me I should build her as a mage.
Normally I buy Watchers gift, Hand of the gods, Eye of province and 2 pots. Then Midas boots, sovereignty, Urchin cloak, valor Magi's blessing, sell midas and get stone of Gaia.

When using watcher's gift and with a lane partner, what should I be doing. should I be trying to take the hits from minions without fighting back and letting my partner do all the offensive. Early game how should I be engaging enemy gods?

So How should I be playing Athena, how do I make her live up to the one woman Phalanx she is supposed to be. Please guide me.

I was also looking at taking up Aphrodite.

10-14-2014, 04:38 PM
As a support, you should generally try to be the most annoying player as possible. Yes, you are supposed to take all the hits possible so your adc can get kills. However, it's perfectly fine if you attack (In fact, gods like Sobek have abilities that throw the enemy backwards, allowing your adc to get a kill). Early game, you should only engage a god if you are trying to set up a kill. Otherwise, just make sure the enemy is on you instead of your adc. Once the adc levels up, you can start rotating to other lanes and helping others in trouble.
Also, WARDS. You should be the one placing wards as strategically as possible; The best places to put wards are by enemy buff camps in the jungle. If you need to, get Eye of Providence, which let's you place wards every minute. If you put wards in the right place, your allies will know when to advance in a lane or when to prepare for an incoming gank.