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08-22-2014, 04:16 AM
So I've been playing smite for a while, but I've been studying the more advance parts of it. I was wondering, on a basic team of
Solo Mid Mage, ADC w/ Support, Solo non-mid mage, and Assassin jungler, who needs to be fed the most?

My friend keeps telling me assassins and ADC need to be fed the most, but he doesn't play smite more than once every month or so, and I'm a higher level then him. My reasoning tells me that Mages should be fed to level up their skills, so in team fights they should be getting the majority of the kills. I've played practice conquest with him, and as a mage I end up having to pull up late game because I'm a lower level then him playing as assassin/ADC, and my skills aren't doing as much damage as they should.

But also, feeding assassins/ADC will give them gold, which would help out their item building and increase their damage. Plus, they could increase stun durations while decreasing cool downs, etc.

So who needs to be fed the most?

08-22-2014, 02:26 PM
Note: This is on my opinion and experience based on late-game scaling.
Note 2: Realistically, it doesn't matter. In a perfect world:

1, Your friend is correct. ADC's need to be fed the most. In fact, they need to be fed so much that they have an entire role dedicated to feeding them.
2, Supports don't need to get fed. It's their job to feed their ADC's.
3, Most mages can work off nothing but minions. Feeding them is nice, but not top-priority.
4, The feeding priority of junglers is lower than ADC, but higher than mage because of number 3. But junglers should give a kill to the mages every so often.

So a feeding chart would be:


In terms of Warriors, they'd fall ever so slightly above assassins imho.
Any corrections to this by people who are actually good at the game would be appreciated.