View Full Version : Post your silly, yet awesome god/hero ideas!

03-21-2014, 03:03 PM
(Xpost from reddit, i posted it a while ago with not too much success.)

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Title explains! Make up your own silly but awesome character idea. Not limited to gods, choose anything you want! it would be nice to see what the community would come up with. perhaps the devs could get some nice ideas for abilities out of it?

Let me start off with.... Rambo!


PASSIVE: Camo: Standing still makes Rambo invisible for aslong as he is stationary. effect takes 1 second to apply and fades 2 seconds after moving or by using an ability. Does not work while in combat.

1: Cleave: You attack the enemy with your knife, dealing damage in a cone. Enemies hit by this ability take x damage and will start bleeding for 3 seconds afterwards, slowing them for x%.

2: Madness: Rambo grabs his machine gun and shoots one bullet every 0.2 second for 5 seconds for x damage each, bullets can penetrate through one enemy. bullets hit 20% more on targets affected with a bleed.

3: Proxy mine: Rambo throws a landmine up to 6 feet away. enemies or minions walking over the landmine receive x damage and will be crippled for x seconds. up to 3 mines can be placed at once. acts as ward.

4: Release the beast: Rambo goes into a frenzy and will glow red of rage for 7 seconds. increasing his damage by x%, healing x% every second and enhancing his abilities. Cleave: This ability has a bigger range. Madness: you bullets can penetrate two enemies.

Oh, You can add some overpowered things, but don't make it like, really stupid overpowered.

let the creativeness begin :D!

09-14-2014, 09:06 PM
Damn, That is awesome !