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08-05-2014, 01:35 PM
I'm posting this here cause, the thread on reddit just vanished from the first 5 pages, and this actually needs to be discussed to get some clarification.

So HirezAdanas posted the following on reddit

This past week a team we invited to play in the Smite Pro League, Cloud 9 HyperX, broke up. HiRez admins and tournament organizers discussed what to do and it was decided on to let the organization, Cloud 9, keep their SPL bid as long as they could field a full roster.

Cloud 9 members YOUNGBAE and EnQu formed a new team that was submitted and approved by Cloud 9 management.
These 5 players will be playing under Cloud 9 in the SPL: YOUNGBAE, EnQu, Emilitoo, Hyrrok and Optixx.
In the case of teams that are not held by organizations, we will extend invites with the following stipulations

One member of the team will be considered captain and owner, and that player will hold the invite for the team.
Similar rules used in the SWC Qualifiers will be used in the Challengers Cup
SPL invites are organization, not player, based and as such new rules will be in place and posted at a later date.

We wish all the teams in the SPL and Challengers Cup good luck, and expect to have some exciting matches!

But one very well know smite player come up with some very good points that need some sort of official reply from HiRez

Before i start, I have nothing against the c9 organization or the players. I have played with the players from the current c9 team before and have nothing against them, and have previously spoken to the owner of c9 on several occasions. But this situation is messy and in my opinion disappointing.

Its unfair on the 4 teams participating in the play-ins. They have to play through a series of stages to secure their spot in pro league which in my opinion is fair. However, the new c9 team, despite having 3 completely new players. gets a free pass to pro league just because they wear the c9 tag? Sure the previous c9 team qualified and they deserve the spot but the new team is NOT THE SAME TEAM. It has 3 new players, and the new players were not subs or coaches and did nothing to help the previous c9 team qualify. So why do they get a free pass to the pro league for doing nothing? Definitely not fair on other players.

The players are not being protected. On several occasions hirez has stuck to the rules to be consistent. So. Lets take another big name for example, TSM. The current TSM guys are great, and they always perform well. What if for whatever reason the TSM organisation decided to drop their smite pro team and decided to pick up a challenger team? Do they get a free pass to the pro league because the name "TSM" Qualified? If so, what happens to the previous players? are they left in challenger? If this team then has to play through challenger, since this could happen at any time in the season, it could make it impossible for the dropped team to qualify again for SPL. I mean if the new team doesn't get a free pass. Something is wrong since c9 got a free pass, right? This could happen to any group of players playing under an organization's name.

They might not even be good enough as a team to participate in the pro league. Individually all the players are excellent at what they do, but ultimately it comes down to team synergy. And now they have a spot in the pro league without playing against any of the teams who did and didn't make it. because of this, the outcome of the qualifiers could have been completely different if they played with their current roster in comparison to the previous roster. Team agilitas or Team Walk it off could be better than the new c9 roster which would mean if the current c9 roster played in qualifiers they may not even have qualified. Something is definitely flawed here. Dont get me wrong, c9 could easily be beasting it up the rankings, but they could just as easily be dropping in rankings too. And to let a newly formed team to participate in pro league without any sort of “trails” or “Qualifiers” is silly. At worst, they should be playing some sort of Best-Of-3 against the third-placed team of the Play-ins so that they can prove their worth.

Un-Sponsored teams may also be hesitant to sign a contract with an organisation because of this exact situation. For example, say if Agilitas would be picked up by, uhh lets say, a smaller organisation, “Denial eSports”, but would however want to change sponsor to a bigger name like Evil Geniuses, And someone else for example, Heroes And Zero’s gets picked up by Denial eSports, then Agilitas loses out on their hard work (their qualifying spot) and HnZ gets something they didn’t earn. Even if it’s a case by case basis, If you decide to let one team get through with this and not another, theres going to be more confusion and more unnecessary reddit posts. (Just using the team names as a basis for the examples)

In no way i have some sort of issue with C9, but the players should come first then organizations, afterall we were the ones that made Smite what it is currently not the organizations, if you remember many organizations jumped ship very early on, like Curse, while we players all sticked with HiRez and Smite thru the hardtimes.

So what's your stance HiRez, on the points above?

08-05-2014, 02:43 PM
I think their stance is very clear when they state Cloud 9 will be getting the spot. They won't go back on it now after already releasing the information and Cloud 9 forming a new team under the name.

For them to respond to this would be simply to restate what they have already said. But I do think they are all valid points, and they will probably be taken into strong consideration for Season 3 and future cases.

I'm not saying you shouldn't ask these questions, it's great discussion is happening. This is just in my opinion what Hi-Rez will do/think.

08-05-2014, 06:09 PM
I think there should still be a '3 players need to stay' rule in effect. Maybe lower it to 2, but 1 players as 'owner' having all the power is a bit ridiculous.